Family qualitytime

Theme: Learning, Engagement, Togetherness

Bring your family outdoors for a fullday to enjoy wonderful familytime where we focus on the simpler things.

This is a moment to bond and feel togetherness between you and your child.

We start by hiking out to a campsite where we make a fire together

followed by carving your own ”grillpinne”.

You`ll get to experience ”Vallonbruk” (Ironwork Villages).

We eat our traditional swedish outdoor meal wich we have made over the open fire

whilst enjoying the outdoors.

We talk about ”allemansrätten”(right to public access) and also how to dress for all weather conditions.

We look at practical things to bring with us for short versus longer hikes and also other equipment

wich can be relevant for camping.

A Lifecoach/guide is always with you to help and support.

Everyone in the group is part of creating this experience.

Sincerely / Johan


-Traditional swedish Outdoor meal

Start: Meet up at 11:00

End: 15:00


If interested send us a mail by

clicking the button below.

Price/Family: 2499sek.

Up to 6 persons.

**Exclusive Trip/ Small Group

Hiking through history.

Here we are hiking through one of several iron villages in Uppland Sweden.


Making fire.

Showing the family how to make a swedish torch.


Slippery bridge.

Giving a helping hand along the way.