Deep forest weekend

Theme: Responsebility, Engagement, Value

This  two night´s weekend will give you an insight of camping swedish military style.

We are in the beautiful woods of Sweden where camp is set up together.

Together we collect firewood for the stove and spruce for the beds.

The tent holds up to 6 people where a tentstove keeps you warm at night, as long as you are on guard by the fire.

You will get a wilderness course. More details under "Learning".

We also go out searching for tracks of wild animals.

The evenings are spent enjoying nature and the company under (hopefully) a starlit sky.

A guide is always with you to help and support.

Everyone in the group is part of creating this experience.

Sincerely / Johan

Recomended minimum participants 3st.


-Sleeping gear

-Traditional swedish Outdoor meal

Start: Friday  at 15:00

End:  Sunday at 13:00

If interested send us a mail by

clicking the button below.

Price/person: from 3990sek.

Up to 6 persons.

Minimum age: 16.

** Exclusive Trip/ Small Group

Campsite in the forrest.

Camp almost ready. Tent with tentstove too keep us warm. As long as someone is keeping the fire alive...



Taking a rest inside the tent, making lunch and  enjoying a coffee.


Making fire together.

Collecting wood and making fire is one of the things we are helping eachother with.