make your life adventure

AdventureNorth Sweden is a company who wants to give you an experience to remember.

That experience is based on simplicity, back to nature and on you as an individual.

We want to mention that the experience is unik beacuse you are part of creating it.

Who am I?

My name is Johan Kanrell and I grew up in the country outside Stockholm.

My life has always been surrounded by nature.

I have worked with everything from guarding to interior design and also a lot of construction work.

In 2016 I recreated myself to life coach and realized at the same time that I wanted to make reality of my dreams, then the creation of AdventureNorth Sweden began.

What do I want to convey...

To me, harmony is something I wish everyone will experience in their lives.

I ask myself the question, why should it always be so complicated?

If I instead make it simple and as natural as possible.

Do I really need all the technology and comfort that exists today, will I be happier and more harmonious of it?

My answer is no.

I want to show you that simplicity and proximity to nature are harmony, joy and love.

It will be your experience and your adventure.




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