Pictures from our Hikes and Tours.


Here you can feel free to look at beautiful sceneries from our hikes and happenings we have been to.


Maybe you were with us?


Otherwise get on with it and enjoy Nature!


Campfire by the river.


Here we are at a campsite close to the trail "Sörmlandsleden".


Look close and you´ll see the ice on the river.





Campsite by the river.


Our setup with a Hilleberg Tent and a Amok Hamock, just uphill

from the river nearby the trail "Sörmlandsleden".


Still ice on the river...


Campsite at

"Florarna" National Reserv.


These three lovely pictures above were taken inside the National reserv of "Florarna".


Its located along the trail "Upplandsleden" west of Österbybruk in Roslagen.


Hiking along "Upplandsleden".


Hiking along the trail "Upplandsleden" in the early spring is amazing, feel the warm winds and all the scents around you from nature.




Bacon on a Stone.


How do you cook bacon and beans?


Well, we did it this way, just heated up the stone and then put the bacon right on it, the can with beans were put between the hot stones.


Yummy for my little tummy...


Old railroad track.


An old railroad track between Hargshamn and Gimo, still in use.


But just once a month...



Runestone in the rain.


Today we went to look at a runestone witch is placed not far from home.

The rune stone was placed there in the year 1000AD.

Fire by the lake.


Just another beautiful fire

by the lake.

Sausage on the meny.



Lightning the Swedish Torch.


Here I light "the Swedish torch".

Observe the great sparks from my fire steel.



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