Are you interested in nature and the experience of simplicity?


Would you like to feel one with nature?


Would you like to learn how to use a map and compass?

Or are you just interested in hiking and camping outdoors with tent, tarp or windsheild?


We look closer at making fire, setting up tent and how to build a windsheild.

Focus is laid on clothing for all weather conditions.


I offer you guided and leader-lead hikes in beautiful Roslagen and Uppland.


If you have other requests apart from Roslagen and Uppland please contact me so we can customize a hike/wildernessweekend just for your need.


Come and enjoy nature!


Location: 95km NE of Stockholm/Arlanda airport and 35km SW of Öregrund.

Welcome to Sweden and Roslagen with...

Adventure North

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Family qualitytime


Price/person: from 1299sek.


Travel with your family and learn more about the Iron villages and wilderness of Sweden...

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Overnight hike/ Wind down


Price/person: from 2499sek.


Hike the Swedish history trough Iron villages and overnight in the wilderness...

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Hike with a Lifecoach


Price/person: 1600sek.


Take the opportunity to hike with a lifecoach and start your own

life adventure...

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Deep forest Weekend


Price/person: from 5990sek.


Try the simple way in a two night adventure to camp in the outdoors "swedish military style"...

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Meet me in nature


In my world We are all unique...


In my world You can be whatever you want... If you want.

In my world We help and support eachother.


In my world Harmony, Challenge and Adventure go hand in hand.

In my world We enjoy what nature has to give us.


Come and enjoy Nature!




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Adventure North

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